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Freedom on the horizon

Lunch time under my tree. It’s cold in Florida today 64 and cold breeze. Such odd weather for mid April. Seems the weather is odd everywhere. New York City has a flash flood this morning. This past weekend Minnesota got 12 inches of snow!

What the hell is going on in this world?! I’ve been working on my emotions and my reactions for a while now. I’ve learned so much about myself and about what it takes to create my own peace.

We have six weeks left here in Florida and the nerves begin in my stomach. Wow so much change so far so different. Angyla as well has begun feeling the reality of the move.

We are both excited as well as the kids! We are planning very well and making the moves needed to accomplish a calm seamless move

I look forward to the culture difference. To the different places to see. To the different foods to eat. To the different ways of life to meld into. To the chance to recreate myself in a more peaceful light manner. So much so much

I feel like I’m going to miss a lot of people and there is a lot of love here in Florida.

I also feel like adventure and changes are so healthy. Our family feels stifled here. Tyler wants out so he can experience a different way and be able to just chill without worrying about cops or bad kids. Chase wants to live in the snow and cold he loves it. Angyla wants the chance to be somewhere totally new and experience what comes along with that personally and professionally. And we’ll weve spoken about my wises.

I know this is the right move I am basing it on a full encompassed view of what is best for my family and myself. The world is a big place and I plan on enjoying all different parts of it before I die!

Bitter sweet will be the day I realize it’s time to say goodbye. I remember all the other times in my life I had to move and do things I really didn’t want to do. This is the first time I am choosing where I am going and even though Angyla of course had a huge view in things we confirmed for price and kind of vibe we want this was the best option at this time!

I feel the freedom on the horizon! I love my fiancé and my boys and we will create what we want in this world!

1:30 p.m. - 2018-04-16


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